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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Morgan Norris is an aesthetic Renaissance man, expertly performing dozens of procedures in the field of facial cosmetic surgery in Houston. His eye for the finer details and ear for understanding patient goals enable Dr. Norris to administer the following treatments accurately and safely:

Brow Lift

To correct sagging eyebrows and smooth deep forehead creases and frown lines, a brow or forehead lift is the perfect solution. A forehead lift in Houston can correct static wrinkles when Botox® isn’t enough. While this procedure does not address excess, crepey upper eyelid skin as does an upper blepharoplasty,…

Cheek Implants

Inadequate facial contours and aged, gaunt cheeks can be defined with cheek implants to give you improved cheek projection and harmony between your facial features. Cheek implants in Houston can be used as an alternative to injectable cheek fillers such as Radiesse when longer-lasting correction or significant volume restoration is…

Chin Implants

For patients with an under-projected, weak chin, or for those who wish to improve the overall balance and harmony of their facial features, a chin implant may be the ideal solution. Chin implants can increase chin projection, improving neck and jawline contours, reducing the appearance of a double chin and…

Eye Lift Rejuvenation

Sagging, droopy eyelids can make you look tired and sad. To refresh your appearance and get rid of loose, crepey skin and puffiness in the upper and lower eyelids, consider blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. In addition to offering cosmetic benefits, eyelid surgery in Houston can also improve your field of…

Facial Fat Grafting

In addition to Radiesse and Juvederm, your own fat can be used to fill in wrinkles, folds and areas of your face that experience volume loss over time, such as your cheeks, lips and under-eyes. Via facial fat grafting fat cells can be moved from one body area with an…


Facelift surgery can achieve dramatic facial rejuvenation with lasting results. In addition to deep wrinkles and jowls, facelift surgery also involves tightening the underlying support structures of the face and removing excess, sagging skin. Many Houston facelift patients feel they look at least 10 years younger after the procedure and…

Jaw Surgery

Cosmetic jaw surgery can improve chin and jawline contours, reduce jowls and help achieve better facial balance and harmony in patients who desire a more pronounced or masculine jaw. Jaw augmentation is often combined with other facial contouring procedures such as chin implant surgery, cheek implant surgery and facelift. The…


Rhinoplasty in Houston TX, or nose surgery, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures sought by Houston patients who want to refine their noses and correct unwanted features whether they are caused by genetics, trauma or previous rhinoplasty procedures. There are some medical benefits to a rhinoplasy as well.…

Nostril Rhinoplasty

Nostril rhinoplasty is a nose job that focuses entirely on improving the nostrils’ appearance and/or functionality. Most people think rhinoplasties always involve the entire nose, but they do not. These procedures can target a single part, mainly for patients who want great results without extensive downtime.…

Your Facial Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

After reading about all of the surgical procedures performed daily by Dr. Norris, it’s understandable for patients to be unsure of which options are right for them! That’s why we ask that you come in for an initial consultation.

A leading authority on these advanced techniques, Dr. Norris’s approach first involves asking you important questions about the results you hope to get from your treatment. This is also your opportunity to pose any questions you may have for him. Additionally, Dr. Norris must review your medical history and examine your symptoms. To be extra thorough, he might order lab testing or imaging.

If you are a candidate for more than one procedure, Dr. Norris might recommend combining them into one comprehensive facial surgery to save you time and shorten your overall recovery process. For example, a rhinoplasty can often be completed at the same time as a facelift.

“He did a wonderful job on my neck lift surgery”

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Written onMay 20, 2020
Dr. NorrisHe did a wonderful job on my neck lift surgery, and performed it on my schedule so that I did not have to take off too much work. It made all the difference in my outlook on my self and increased my confidence. I would recommend that anyone who wants this procedure done go to him.

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