Breast Explant Surgery

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A breast explant is the removal of one or both breast implants for various reasons. It is usually more complicated than implant placement, because the target area has developed scar tissue. Are you having problems with your implants? If so, you may need a breast explant in Houston.


What Is a Breast Explant?

People often decide to have a breast explant because they do not want their breast implants anymore, possibly because they want to go back to their original breast size or because their body shape has changed. Some opt for it to avoid further surgeries, since implants must be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

There are cases when a breast explant is needed for medical reasons. It could be due to complications such as capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue thickens around the implants and causes distortion and stiffness. Other potential medical reasons include cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Is a Breast Explant Right for Me?

The best breast explant candidates include people unhappy with their implants and those whose implants have ruptured, leaked, or become infected. Other good candidates include people who feel pain or discomfort after getting implants or show signs of breast implant illness (BII).

Smokers who want to undergo a breast explant must stop smoking at least four weeks before and after the breast explant. This will help to avoid prolonged healing and recovery.

Your Breast Explant Consultation

The initial consultation starts with Dr. Norris asking you which issues you want to address by removing the implants. You will learn more about the procedure and can ask questions to decide whether a breast explant is right for you.

During the consultation, Dr. Norris will examine your breasts and take photos for documentation. He will outline recommendations based on your objectives. He will also give you pre- and post-surgery instructions.

The Breast Explant Procedure

A breast explant usually starts with administering a general anesthetic to ensure patient comfort. Next, incisions will be created; often, the incisions created during primary breast augmentation will be used.

The scar-tissue capsule surrounding the implant may be removed, followed by the implant itself. After removing the implant, Dr. Norris will close the incisions using sutures. The incisions will be covered with bandages or dressings. Drains are sometimes needed to allow excess fluid or blood to drain, reducing the chance of hematomas and seromas.


Breast Explant Healing and Recovery

You might feel pain for a few days after the breast explant, but pain medication will be prescribed to address this. Follow the doctor’s instructions on taking care of the incision sites and which activities you can and cannot do.

It is normal to feel tender, sore, and sensitive for around six weeks after the procedure. Do not lift more than five pounds, avoid exercising except for minimal walking, and do not sleep on your side or stomach. Wait for your doctor’s clearance to resume exercise and regular activities.

Women with smaller implants might not experience much drooping or sagging after an explant, while those with larger implants may experience stretched skin and sagging. You can opt for a breast lift to reduce sagging.

The Cost of a Breast Explant

The cost of a breast explant varies based on the procedure’s complexity and the price of the operating room facilities, anesthesia, surgeon’s fee, and medical screenings. The procedure may be covered by insurance if you are undergoing it for a medical reason, such as an implant leak, infection, or cancer.

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