Breast Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Choose Norris Plastic Surgery for breast surgery in Houston. Dr. Morgan Norris is a renowned expert in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and he has the skills needed to create the results you have been dreaming of.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Small, disproportionate and asymmetrical breasts can be reshaped and enlarged with breast augmentation surgery to create a shapely, feminine figure using saline, silicone or cohesive gel breast implants. Dr. Norris will work with you to achieve your cosmetic breast enhancement goals, taking into account your unique skin characteristics and anatomy,…

Breast Lift Surgery

Over time, the effects of aging and childbirth can cause breasts to become deflated and saggy. Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, can return your breasts to a more youthful position on the chest wall and reposition your areolas higher on your breasts. The end result is a perkier, lifted look…

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is designed to reduce the amount of breast tissue in women who have developed extremely large, drooping breasts to alleviate the embarrassment, upper body pain and even skin rashes that can occur as a result of excessive breast growth. The Breast Reduction Procedure in Houston TX During…

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Excess breast tissue and overly large, feminine-looking breasts can form in men for a variety of reasons, but no matter the cause, enlarged male breasts can detract from a man’s physique and be a tremendous source of embarrassment. Male breast reduction is designed to help create a trimmer, more manly…

Breast Auto-Augmentation Procedure

Breast auto-augmentation offers a way to enhance the shape of the breasts, add volume, and increase projection without the use of breast implants. Breast auto-augmentation focuses on repositioning and reshaping existing breast tissue to help enhance the overall appearance of the breasts. At Norris Plastic Surgery, we offer breast auto-augmentation for women in Houston.

Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy and lumpectomy breast cancer surgeries can save lives, but they can also leave breast cancer survivors disfigured and distraught at losing a major part of their feminine physical features. Breast reconstruction is designed to rebuild the breast mounds after they have been damaged or removed by breast cancer surgery and restore the appearance of a woman’s natural curves.

Breast Explant Surgery

A breast explant is the removal of one or both breast implants for various reasons. It is usually more complicated than implant placement, because the target area has developed scar tissue. Are you having problems with your implants? If so, you may need a breast explant in Houston.

How to Prepare for Breast Surgery

Preparing for breast surgery is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth process and optimal results. Our comprehensive checklist includes pre-operative consultations, understanding the procedure, arranging for post-surgery assistance, and following any pre-surgery guidelines provided by our experienced team. We prioritize patient education and support to alleviate any concerns before the surgery.

Is It Safe to Combine Breast Surgery With Other Procedures?

Many patients wonder about combining breast surgery with other cosmetic procedures to achieve a more comprehensive transformation. Our skilled surgeons discuss the safety and benefits of combining procedures such as breast augmentation and lift. This personalized approach allows for enhanced results while minimizing overall downtime.

Breast Surgery Aftercare

Maintaining the results of breast surgery involves a commitment to aftercare. Our guide emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet, suitable exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits. Post-surgery consultations ensure ongoing support, with our team providing guidance on scar care, recovery milestones, and any necessary follow-up treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast augmentation focuses on enhancing breast size and shape using implants, while a breast lift addresses sagging or drooping breasts by reshaping and repositioning existing breast tissue.

How long is the recovery period for breast surgery?

Recovery times vary but typically range from a few days to a few weeks. Our surgeons provide personalized recovery plans, including post-operative care instructions and follow-up appointments.

Can I combine breast surgery with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, combining procedures is often safe and efficient. Our surgeons assess individual cases to determine the best approach, considering factors like overall health and desired outcomes.

Are breast surgery results permanent?

While breast surgery provides long-lasting results, factors such as aging and lifestyle changes can impact the appearance over time. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and attending follow-up appointments can optimize long-term results.

How soon can I resume normal activities after breast surgery?

The timeline varies, but most patients can gradually return to normal activities within a few weeks. Our team provides detailed post-operative guidelines to ensure a smooth recovery.

How much does breast surgery cost?

The cost of breast surgery procedures in Houston may include surgical facility costs, anesthesia fees, medical tests, medication prescriptions, surgeon’s fees, and post-surgery garments. You will learn more about the price of the procedure when you come for a consultation. Do not hesitate to ask about our financing options as well.

Your Breast Surgery Consultation

During the initial consultation, you and Dr. Norris will discuss your expectations for breast surgery, along with your needs and goals. He will go over your breast surgery options, including likely outcomes and potential complications.

Dr. Norris will ask about your medical history, including previous medical procedures, drug allergies, current medications, and family history of breast cancer. He will also check the results of previous biopsies or mammograms.

Dr. Norris will perform an examination of your breasts, skin, and the positions of your nipples and areolae. He will assess your health status and ask about pre-existing health conditions. He will also ask about any use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.

Arrange a Consultation

Embark on your breast surgery journey with confidence at Norris Plastic Surgery. Book your consultation today with Dr. Norris to start the path toward the enhanced, natural-looking results you desire.

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