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Norris Plastic Surgery - Houston, Texas

Welcome to Norris Plastic Surgery, where you’ll find a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to providing you with exceptional and personalized care. Dr. Norris and his team value the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin, and they commit themselves to not only achieving, but going above and beyond your plastic surgery goals. Here, you can feel rejuvenated, confident, and safe in an environment that prioritizes your desires and needs. If you’re looking for plastic surgery in Houston, TX, whether it’s cosmetic or re-constructive, Norris Plastic Surgery is the place for you.

Are you looking to look as young physically as you mentally feel? The team at Norris Plastic Surgery will devote their time and talents to making sure you have the resources to do so, whether that’s with rhinoplasty, liposuction, a tummy tuck, or the most noteworthy breast augmentation in Houston, TX that you’ll be able to find.

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston - Dr. Morgan Norris

A corrective rhinoplasty done with the professionalism and care of Dr. Norris could help ease your anxiety about unwanted changes made to your nose from a break or deviated septum. If you’d simply like to change a feature of your nose that you don’t love, a rhinoplasty could also alleviate your unease about its physical appearance, leaving you with a nose with which you feel comfortable and attractive. After a personalized consult with Dr. Norris, he will decide whether you’ll receive a closed rhinoplasty, a rhinoplasty that does not consist of any extern incisions, or an open rhinoplasty, one that requires an incision between your nostrils, what is called the columella. Dr. Norris and his staff hold your safety and knowledge of the procedure in the upmost regard, and your rhinoplasty healing time will be maximized here at Norris Plastic Surgey.

Your liposuction procedure can help improve your body positivity and confidence. At this facility, cannulas will remove fat from the body so that you feel thinner, more contoured, and happier with your appearance. Feel like yourself in a bikini, your favorite blouse, or your best pair of jeans this year, and let the new, vibrant you enjoy the new found confidence a liposuction can bring.

If a liposuction is not right for you, a tummy tuck could do the trick. Especially if you have worked hard to lose weight, reap the rewards of a tummy tuck that removes the leftover, excess skin and reveals a tight, flat abdomen. If you’re a new mom, excess flab leftover from your pregnancy could still linger in undesirable areas. As always, Dr. Norris will take an individualistic and personalized approach to your tummy tuck consultation, specifying pre-operative and post-operative procedures for your safety and comfort.

Not only does Norris Plastic Surgery provide body and face cosmetic surgery, but they continue to raise the bar in breast augmentation. Should you wish to increase your breast size and/or change their shape, Dr. Norris will walk you through a breast augmentation consultation to help you achieve those goals based on your individual body composition and size and shape preferences. Dr. Norris will work hand in hand with you, always thinking ahead to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The team at Norris Plastic Surgery thanks you for visiting their website, and hopes they will become your number 1 resource for your plastic surgery needs.

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