Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Dr. Norris offers his Houston patients the option of a natural buttocks augmentation with Fat Transfer to Buttocks, a procedure that can enlarge the buttocks with a minimally-invasive fat grafting technique.

The procedure comes with the added benefit of liposuction in trouble areas around the midsection. The addition of liposuction to this procedure provides a safe injection material for minimal complications and helps to accent the changes in the buttocks. For Houston patients looking for a natural buttocks augmentation as well as a slimmer midsection, Fat Transfer to Buttocks may be just the right procedure.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Fat Transfer to Buttocks is specifically designed to provide a more pronounced buttock area with a slimmer and more shapely waistline. The procedure is ideal for patients who are looking to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks.

Ideal candidates for the Fat Transfer to Buttocks procedure are 18 years of age or older, and in excellent physical and mental health overall. It is important that patients not have too much or too little fat in their midsection. Candidates should understand the procedure and its possible outcomes and wish to adjust the volume of their buttocks due to dissatisfaction.

The Procedure: How Fat Transfer to Buttocks Works

To begin the process, Dr. Norris determines the best areas for fat harvesting at two or more locations on the body. A general anesthetic is then administered, and Dr. Norris performs small incisions near the harvest areas. Fat is removed through liposuction and then cleansed and purified. With a careful and deliberate fan pattern, Dr. Norris will inject the fat into the buttocks at varying depths and locations for the best results.

To ensure an even distribution, he may briefly massage the area. Once the proper amount of fat has been injected, the liposuction incisions will be closed. Often a greater amount of fat will be injected than is needed, as a small percent of the newly introduced fat will be absorbed by the body.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks has several benefits, including the use of a natural filler material, a low rate of complications, a brief recovery period, and the added aesthetic benefits of liposuction.

Recovery from Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Specific instructions regarding your recovery period will be given by Dr. Norris following your procedure. Expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort following the procedure. Our staff will provide necessary compression garments and prescriptions for pain-controlling medications. You will be thoroughly informed about your specific recovery expectations and risks during your consultations with Dr. Norris.

Often the procedure may be performed in stages or over a number of treatment sessions to better address the absorption of the injected fat, ensuring a natural and balanced appearance once the fat has been absorbed.

If you are interested in the natural augmentation and slimming benefits of Fat Transfer to Buttocks, please contact the office of Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Morgan Norris.

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