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If You’re a Breast Cancer Survivor, We Can Help with Breast Reconstruction

If You’re a Breast Cancer Survivor, We Can Help with Breast Reconstruction

If your mastectomy or lumpectomy resulted in permanent removal of part or all of your breasts, you might feel anxious, disappointed and upset about losing a part of your body that once was important to you. These feelings are entirely normal. If you identified with your breasts as something that made you feel good in your own skin, in your own clothes, we can help.

Unfortunately, breast reconstruction cannot restore the function of your breasts. But it can restore body positivity and give you back the confidence you feel and deserve after battling cancer. Find your best option for plastic surgery in Houston, TX and embrace a new beginning with the hope of new breasts that make you feel as good in your own skin as you know you should feel.

You are a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery no matter how long it has been since your mastectomy or lumpectomy. As a candidate for breast reconstruction, you have a number of options.

For those of you preparing for a mastectomy or lumpectomy, you might want to consider staged reconstruction, a reconstruction process that occurs during the mastectomy or lumpectomy. But for those who want to consider waiting until after their cancer is removed, a reconstruction can occur at any time.

For those who choose a tissue expander surgery, the breast mound gradually increases over time, filling with saline solution. Once the tissue has expanded enough, breast implants are put inside the expanded tissue. For those who choose a flap surgery, muscles are taken from your back or abdomen and brought to the chest.

All in all, breast reconstruction is generally a process that cannot be completed in one step, but in different stages. With implant surgeries especially, these procedures tend to take more time. Implants run the risk of infection and for those with only one breast lumpectomy, the breast implant feels different than that of an actual breast, so achieving a perfect match might be difficult. However, implant surgeries prove to yield less scarring and take much less time than a flap surgery might.

Flap surgeries, on the other hand, provide an easier breast match, as well as less overall pain during and after the surgery. For those who must undergo radiation, this surgery is ideal in order to prevent breast implant reconstruction.

In about 6 to 8 weeks, patients after undergoing reconstruction surgery should be on their feet. Though reconstruction does not restore normal breast feeling, some feeling may come back within this time period. In no time, you will be able to wear regular bras; but make sure to consult with your surgeon before you do. Getting adjusted to your new breasts might take some time, but remember that this is a normal reaction to breast reconstruction surgery. Talk with a mental health professional or other women who have had breast reconstruction surgery for the support and encouragement you’ll need throughout this time. And finally, breast reconstruction will take you one more step in the direction of embracing and loving even your new, cancer-free body.

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