How Plastic Surgery Can Increase Gratitude In light of November, the month of gratification, we explore the true meaning of gratitude and how it correlates with plastic surgery. 

Defining Gratitude

According to American Psychologists Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough, gratitude is defined as a two-step process: 1) “recognizing that one has obtained a positive outcome” and 2) “recognizing that there is an external source for this positive outcome.” Gratitude can be influenced by cultural and social factors that stimulate our emotions and actions that can be inflicted on either ourselves or others. Studies show increases in gratitude results in better physiological and health benefits as positive influxes produce positive outcomes.

Plastic Surgery Increases Gratitude

Although much study has not been dedicated so closely between plastic surgery and gratitude, all surrounding factors indicate so. Body image dissatisfaction can be corrected through various methods such as therapy and exercise, but plastic surgery is also an option that many do not consider. Many people who undergo plastic surgery and receive satisfactory results, therefore, recognize “that one has obtained a positive outcome” where the outcome has been a result of the surgery. Patients also recognize “that there is an external source for this positive outcome.” Right after patients are released from surgery, they may undergo an emotional rollercoaster which is very common within the first few days or weeks after surgery. This stage includes experiences or thoughts of remorse or regrets over the surgery. However, as the body recovers and heals into a healthy state the patients feel more gratified about the procedure. Patients become enthusiastic with the results leading to positive body image and exert positive attitude to one’s self and others.

Do not compensate for the hardships in life that are getting away from your happiness and gratitude. Schedule a meeting with Dr. Norris today and squash any negative thoughts about body image and work towards feeling gratified today.