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Go Back in Time with BOTOX® Cosmetic


Ever look in the mirror and think that you don’t recognize yourself? You still feel like that 21-year-old who could wear a bikini without shame, but somehow, your wrinkles look more prominent than ever. And so, you stare at yourself in the mirror, stressing out about your wrinkles while simultaneously giving yourself more. You’d give anything to make those lines disappear. That’s impossible, you think. I can’t go back in time. You think to yourself that you will never have the wrinkle-free face you once had. But don’t accept defeat—with a Botox® Cosmetic procedure at Norris Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas, you can say goodbye to those wrinkles and hello to to your young adult self.

The word “botox” might make you cringe or fill your head with negative connotations. But the best way to overcome a fear is to understand it, so let’s break it down. What exactly is Botox®? Botox® comes from an organism called Clostridium botulinum. In its natural environment it is inactive, found in soil, streams, lakes, and waters. In its natural form it is a neurotoxin, and can also be found in the intestines of mammals and fish. Usually this substance isn’t harmful, but when spores turn into vegetative cells and cell population increases, Clostridium botulinum starts producing the botulinum toxin.

Sounds scary, right? But only in large concentrations. In small doses, this toxin doesn’t harm us at all. When we speak about Botox®, we are talking about injecting this toxin into parts of the body (namely the face). The toxin will effectively paralyze the tiny muscles in the area you inject them into.

Botox® takes the phrase “everything in moderation” to a whole new level. What can be dangerous in high amounts can be extremely successful in small ones. The toxin has been approved to treat other medical conditions. We use the botulinum toxin to prevent eyelid spasms, chronic migraines, excessive sweating, overactive bladders, and even crossed eyes.

Usually, it takes around a day and even up to three days for Botox® to work. You’ll need to give the toxin time to do its work. If your wrinkles haven’t disappeared in three days, don’t worry—sometimes it takes up to five.

The good news is that those who receive Botox® generally experience very few side effects. An extremely low percentage of 1 percent develop antibodies to the toxin, causing the treatments to be ineffective. Some unwanted side effects occur as well, such as headaches, transient numbness, mild nausea, mild pain at the injection site, flu-like illness, blurred vision, dry mouth and fatigue. If you’re pregnant or lactating or have had an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the drug in the past, refrain from getting a Botox® procedure.

Results of a Botox® procedure varies from patient to patient, but they can often last from three to eight months. Banish your crow’s feet and feel like the person you are on the inside. Your wrinkles don’t have to define you, and you can finally look how you feel.

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