Jaw Surgery

Cosmetic jaw surgery can improve chin and jawline contours, reduce jowls and help achieve better facial balance and harmony in patients who desire a more pronounced or masculine jaw. Jaw augmentation is often combined with other facial contouring procedures such as chin implant surgery, cheek implant surgery and facelift.

The Procedure for Jaw Surgery in Houston

Jaw surgery in Houston typically involves placement of silicone or rubber jaw implants along the lower jaw but may also include manipulation of the jaw bones. Dr. Norris will evaluate the dimensions of your face and discuss your cosmetic goals with you to determine which jaw augmentation procedure will help you achieve your desired look.

Because jaw surgery in Houston produces permanent results, some patients may opt to preview results using temporary injectable fillers along the lower jaw prior to the surgical procedure. This can help you get a sense of how your final jaw augmentation results will look, however it is important to note that injectable products must dissipate before surgery can be performed.

Dr. Norris will help you prepare for jaw surgery in Houston by providing you with pre-operative instructions and explaining the details of the procedure. During surgery, you will be placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, and Dr. Norris will make small incisions on the inside of your mouth to insert the jaw implants over your jaw bone.

Recovering From Jaw Surgery in Houston

Immediately following jaw surgery, you will notice that surgical tape has been used to restrict jaw movement. Eat a soft diet that does not require much chewing and rest your jaw for at least 3-5 days after surgery. Follow all post-operative care instructions, especially directions for cleansing your mouth, and be sure to take your antibiotics to decrease your risk of infection.

Sutures used to close incisions inside your mouth will dissolve within a week, and any stitches used externally will be removed within the same time frame. Bruising, swelling, numbness and tightness in the jaw area should start to resolve within 1-2 weeks, however swelling will typically take several weeks or months to resolve completely.

Dr. Norris will monitor your jaw surgery recovery and ensure you are happy with your results by seeing you periodically for follow-up appointments. After 2-3 months, you should begin to see the final results of your stronger, more defined jawline.

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