Eye Lift

Sagging, droopy eyelids can make you look tired and sad. To refresh your appearance and get rid of loose, crepey skin and puffiness in the upper and lower eyelids, consider blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. In addition to offering cosmetic benefits, eyelid surgery in Houston can also improve your field of vision and correct other problems, such as ectropion, or exposure of the inside of the lower eyelids.

The Procedure for Eyelid Surgery in Houston, TX

To identify any existing eye problems and to ensure that eyelid surgery does not interfere with your eye health, a visit to your ophthalmologist will be necessary prior to your procedure.

You must also adhere to pre-operative instructions, including discontinuing smoking and avoiding certain medications. Once you are cleared for eyelid surgery Dr. Norris will recommend an upper and/or lower blepharoplasty depending on your cosmetic goals.

During your procedure, Dr. Norris will remove wrinkled, loose eyelid tissues and reduce eye bags. Fat grafting may be performed to further reduce contour irregularities in the eye area and replenish volume where natural fat deposits have been depleted.

Many blepharoplasty procedures can be performed with only local anesthesia and involve hidden incisions placed in the upper eyelid crease and lower lash line. Incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures, and ointment and small sterile bandages are applied to the area immediately after surgery.

Recovering From Eyelid Surgery in Houston

After your eyelid surgery in Houston, Dr. Norris will schedule follow-up appointments with you and provide post-operative instructions to ensure your recovery is as smooth as possible.

Keeping your head elevated and gently applying ice to the surgical area will help reduce swelling following your blepharoplasty, and pain medication will help you manage any discomfort you experience in the first few days after surgery. Some bruising and itchiness may also occur and will resolve as you heal over the next few weeks.

It is also important during the blepharoplasty recovery period to protect your eyes from the sun, particularly your surgical scars, to prevent your scars from darkening.

Most blepharoplasty patients return to work within five days with makeup, resume wearing contact lenses within 1-2 weeks, and back to normal physical activities within 2-3 weeks. In about 1-2 months, your final results will be visible, and your rejuvenated eye area will allow you to appear more refreshed and awake.

Prospective patients who want to find out more about eyelid surgery in Houston or wish to schedule a consultation at Dr. Norris Plastic Surgery should feel free to call us at (713) 383-6400.

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