Earlobe Repair

If you have torn or stretched earlobes, you can benefit from earlobe repair in Houston with Dr. Norris in Houston. This procedure is necessary when patients experience accidents or have worn large, heavy earrings for a long time.

For a plastic surgeon, earlobe repair in Houston is a simple procedure. It can restore a normal appearance to your ear and, if desired, it can allow re-piercing a few months later.

When to Consider Earlobe Repair in Houston

People who undergo earlobe repair have experienced conditions like:

  • Lacerated/torn earlobe
  • Elongated earlobe
  • Stretched earlobe

Injuries or defects like this are often caused when earrings are forcefully pulled from the person’s ear. Also, heavy earrings and large earlobe plugs can stretch the ear to the point of looking unnatural.

Plastic surgeons also perform procedures that can correct problems like lop ear, cupped ear and shell ear. In some cases, surgeons can even build new ears for patients who were born without ears or who lost them during a traumatic injury.

The Procedure: How Earlobe Repair is Performed

Earlobe repair is usually performed with local anesthesia. Dr. Norris will first stabilize the ear. Then he will create an incision that removes skin around the torn earlobe. Clean edges of the tissue are then sewn together to close the split. Patients usually tolerate the procedure very well and appreciate the fact that it restores a normal-looking earlobe.

Recovery from Earlobe Repair in Houston

Dr. Norris will give you instructions to follow after earlobe repair expect some minor swelling and discomfort during the recovery. For a few days, a dressing will cover the treated ear. Sutures are usually removed during a follow-up appointment scheduled within two weeks.

Do you have questions about earlobe repair in Houston? Contact our Houston plastic surgery practice to learn more about the options in earlobe repair and ear surgery.

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